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Whether you’re a growing business looking to expand your capabilities while managing your budget or you have a short-term — or even one-time — application that calls for a specific machine, having a reliable source for temporary equipment is an operational advantage. When businesses in and near Tulsa, OK, need to 租用重型设备 and related machinery, they come to 新葡京博彩官网.

As one of the largest and most experienced dealerships in the region, we offer the quality equipment and tool rentals you’re looking for at competitive rates. Our highly trained team can analyze your needs and identify solutions that make the most sense for your business.

Get in touch with us by calling 866-292-7736, 在线新葡京博彩官网 or visiting 新葡京博彩官网 in Tulsa, OK today.

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We are the Authorized 猫® Dealer in Eastern Oklahoma and the surrounding areas and the go-to source for the rugged durability and performance of industry-leading machines. In addition to a full line of 猫 earth-moving and construction machines and attachments, we offer Allied brand equipment capable of standing up to the most rigorous applications. Whether your business is in construction, 矿业, waste management or another industry, we have the equipment and inventory to support your needs.

新葡京博彩官网 设备 新葡京博彩官网 Benefits

It is not uncommon for businesses to have the need for specific equipment, attachments or machines on a short-term basis. 新葡京博彩官网 新葡京博彩官网 服务s make it possible for a wide variety of companies to temporarily increase their capabilities while keeping costs down. Our Tulsa equipment rentals help avoid having to purchase new machines while lowering long-term owning and operating expenses. Renting means you only pay for the equipment you require when you have a use for it and gain the flexibility to swap models based on changing projects specifications.

Whether you need to boost your fleet capacity for a busy time or unexpected project, need to replace the lost productivity of a machine that’s out for service, or you need an emergency tool or attachment delivered to your work site, 新葡京博彩官网 has the inventory and broad capabilities to meet your needs. And if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, our knowledgeable 新葡京博彩官网 服务 experts can help you find it quickly through our 猫 dealer network.

Additional advantages of renting heavy equipment at 新葡京博彩官网 includes:

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Renting 猫 设备

毛毛虫® brand calls on over 85 years of engineering and manufacturing excellence to deliver the most innovative and advanced construction machines on the market. Within our rental inventory, you’ll find genuine 猫 equipment that represents the highest levels of reliability, productivity and performance. From industry-leading power and efficiency to the latest productivity and safety technologies, there are many advantages of renting a 猫.

Other features and benefits of our well-maintained 猫 equipment for rent include:

Comprehensive 新葡京博彩官网 设备 Support

From peerless product knowledge and expert advice to live technical assistance and 24/7-emergency support, there’s a reason why we’re a leading source for heavy equipment rentals in the Tulsa region. 在新葡京博彩官网, we back every rental with the world-class support and service you want and expect from the 毛毛虫 brand. We want to be your reliable partner for rental machines, 部分, maintenance and repair service and your dealer of choice.

新葡京博彩官网 设备 for All Industries

We provide machine and tool rentals for virtually any type of heavy equipment job or application. From general construction and contracting to landscaping, material handling and aggregates, you can rest assured our rental team understands the challenges of your local industry. We’ll make sure you have the information to choose the rental products that fit your needs efficiently.

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Trust 新葡京博彩官网 for reliable rentals in Tulsa, OK and across our service territory. Take the first step in finding your equipment rentals today by calling us at 866-292-7736, 填写 网上联络表格 or visiting our Tulsa location to talk one-on-one with our team.

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